Product Description and Overview:

The GDF28 is fully automated for high capacity dispensing of frozen fry products to provide a more consistent, high quality product. The hopper can hold up to 42 pounds/19 kilograms of various frozen fry cuts or appetizers.

Empty baskets placed on the gravity-operated upper guide travel toward the accumulator doors. A rotating drum inside the hopper transfers frozen fries onto an electronic scale until the desired basket load is achieved. The portion controlled fry load is dispensed into an empty basket and transferred to the lower guide by a lift. Filled baskets are staged on the lower guide in preparation for
cooking. After cooking, return empty baskets to the upper guide to repeat the cycle.

Operation of the GDF28 Fry Dispenser is easily controlled by an on-off power switch, a basket load select switch and an illuminated reset button – all located on the operator panel. A slow flashing light (located within the reset button) alerts the crew that the fry hopper is empty. A rapid flashing light signals that a system error has occurred.

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